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Whether in a group setting (as in this session in Serbia) or through individual coaching, LCCTI provides the training to meet missionaries where they are. Click here to contact us...

Relevant Training For Today's World

"I should have kept a census of the many missionaries who have told me how they wished they had been trained in anthropology. I myself have often felt I could have reached that point of effectiveness in two years which took me ten as it was" (A.R. Tippett 1911 - 1988).

With over thirty years of experience, LCCTI has provided cross-cultural training for churches, missionaries and mission agencies. Our ministry philosphy is simple: Learn the questions before trying to give the answers. By training workers how to understand people of other cultures -- their worldview, religion, family structure, interpersonal relationships -- they will be better equipped in developing an appropriate strategy for ministry and communication of the Gospel within their context.

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