The Journey of a Post-Modern Missionary:

finding ones' niche in cross-cultural ministry

Everyone has a story. While some stories are dramatic, most are benign. All stories are important and have eternal value. Some stories are a warning as they are an example of bad behavior and wrong choices. Others are a guidepost pointing others to God and a better way to live.

The Journey of a Post-Modern Missionary is a small portion of my story. I wrote this book with two objectives: First, to help others find their niche in life and service for Christ. Second, as an example of how God can and does direct the steps of all people traveling through life.


The most frequently asked question is, “Who is this book for?” Throw out those under fifteen years of age and those over eighty and this book has something for every Christian who has a heart for God and the world in which we live.

* For young adults (16 – 30 years) who are in the beginning stages in finding their niche in life.

* For new missionaries, preparing for cross-cultural ministry.

* For veterans who are either reevaluating their niche or still trying to find it.

* For pastors and members of the mission committee who need some insight in understanding missions and for those who provide member care for those they support.

* For the average member in the church who will never go overseas as a career missionary but who will gain insights, not only in missions, but in finding their role in world evangelization.


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