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Most of my work in cross-cultural training has been with non-profit organizations (churches, mission agencies, schools, etc.). From the jungles of the Congo working with the Aka Pygmies, to the halls of academia teaching DMin. students, my teaching is presented in context. Whether your task is a short-term mission trip or for career service; whether you are new in cross-cultural work or a veteran looking to sharpen your ministry tools; whether you work in rurual areas or ubran settings; whether you are a pastor looking for help in your world outreach program or a member of the mission committee looking for ways to be more effective in global ministry, our training will enhance your service goals. Though the setting is different and the presentation varied to the needs of the audience, our training remains constant:

How to communicate the gospel cross-culturally

How to work with multi-national teams

How to develop a strategic ministry plan

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Our training is provided through those who contact and extend an invitation for us to be a part of their education/training needs. Training can be as short as a one-day seminar to a four-week course. Our teaching style ranges from classroom lectures to informal consultation.

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